The Trust Advantage

The growth of Trust Security Services has accelerated as a result of its strong commitment  to quality and continuous development. We have built our business on a strong set of fundamental tenets - ethics, respect, trust, professionalism, discipline, reliability, clear communication and a commitment to staff welfare, development and continuous improvement. It is due to the expertise and commitment of our people that we are able to continually meet the requirements of our contracts, deliver exceptional service and exceed the expectations of our customers.


Risk Mitigation and Business Continuity Plans

A solid Risk Mitigation plan decreases threat levels by eliminating or

intercepting untoward incidents, blocking risk opportunities through

enhanced security and by reducing the consequences in the event of


Trust Security Services is able to integrate these three vital measures

into a customized mitigation strategy that optimally ties assets to

threats and vulnerabilities to identify risk in a fully comprehensive and

long term manner.

Likewise, we can provide our clients with a Business Continuity Plan

to ensure that critical services or products remain unimpeded during a

security disruption. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with our clients to create a safe and secure environment within their organization.


Client Assistance Desk

Trust Security Services can set-up an

assistance desk for the client that can

address the patron’s queries and needs.

This value addition allows security officers

to focus on their immediate tasks and thus

accomplish duties effectively and thoroughly.


Independent / Scheduled Security Effectiveness Audit

Even if you have had security measures in place for many years and believe you’ve covered all the bases, it pays to have an independent security audit. From government buildings to shopping malls, offices and factories to hotels and private homes, we compile comprehensive, clear reports that meticulously examine security systems and empower

our clients in determining opportunities for improvement.

Through this audit, we can identify weaknesses in the client’s physical and procedural security methodologies, evaluate accident prevention measures, review access controls and CCTV infrastructure, and assess and act to protect tangible and intangible assets. These audits can be activated independently or scheduled strategically to ensure 

consistent viability and effectiveness of security systems.