خدمات الأمنخدمات الأمن

خدمات الأمن

Independent Security Effectiveness Audit This will enable you to gauge the preparedness of all your security endeavors. We will provide you with an independent audit based on your security needs
تحديد جدول المراقبة والتفتيش الأمنيتحديد جدول المراقبة والتفتيش الأمني

تحديد جدول المراقبة والتفتيش الأمني

Scheduled Security / Process Audits Scheduled audits give you an independent perspective of your security preparedness. It will enable you to evaluated and grade your security vendors
خفض وتيرة المخاطرخفض وتيرة المخاطر

خفض وتيرة المخاطر

Risk Mitigation Plan and Business Continuity Plans We will work with you to draw-up your risk mitigation and business continuity plans. We will also train your staff ( both Security and Operational Staff) on the plans and enable you to implement them
مكتب خدمة العملاءمكتب خدمة العملاء

مكتب خدمة العملاء

Customer / Client / Residents Assistance Desk We will enable you to setup an assistance desk for your patrons where they can get answers and services to general / specific needs. This will take away stress from your security guards allowing them to do their job effectively